D.R.E.A.M. - Drugs rule everything around me

Green Bay Packers’ DuJuan Harris hugs a fan before NFL football training camp Monday, July 28, 2014, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)
Little Kids at NFL training camps Photos

@chicagobulls Coach Tom Thibodeau & Derrick Rose speak after today's @usabasketball practice.


So this is what trust looks like.

this is what it feels like

NC to stop fighting challenges to marriage amendment
WRAL: North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said his office would no longer oppose challenges to the state’s constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage.
The announcement comes after a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Virginia’s constitutional and statutory provisions barring gay marriage and denying recognition of such unions performed in other states violate the U.S. Constitution. 
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Photo: North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper (WRAL)

The Simpsons Meet the Griffins in an Exended Sneak Peek of the ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Episode

fun zodiac sign facts here!
Cowboy Bebop

is back on toonami again… yessss

i need more football in my life again. more than j…

i need more football in my life again. more than just the workouts..




This nigga just copped a super Mario star he invincible af nah but forreal tho somebody explain this

Metallic silver coating, does rainbow effect thing when passing lights

thank you car side of tumblr


Mike Tyson KO’s Marvis Frazier less than 30 seconds into the 1st-Round with a barrage of devastating punches.
July 26th, 1986

Reasons Brooklyn niggas are not to be fucked with.